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Happy Mother with her Child



We understand that parenting can be tough. 

Parenting a child who has developmental, behavioral or other differences can leave you feeling confused, exhausted and alone. It's important for you, the parent, to get directed support in order to thrive in your role as a parent.  

Parent coaching is one-on-one support provided for parents to explore and achieve goals related to your role as a parent.   Parent coaching provides the guidance and support that parents need to feel empowered as confident “expert” advocates for their children.  We will help you make sense of your child and your role as a parent and implement specific strategies to support your parenting and your relationship with your child.

Whether your child is currently in therapy and you need time to learn strategies specific to you as a parent, or if you are just looking for a quick check in to get through a tough period of time, parent coaching can be the parenting ‘life line’ you are looking for. 


Some things we may address during parent coaching include:

  • Exploring how you can ‘find your balance’ as a parent in order to be regulated and attuned to your child’s needs.

  • Co-regulation tools you can use to help your child more effectively regulate

  • Help with daily routines such as sleeping, eating, dressing and transitions

  • Meltdowns and strategies for how to manage these in daily life

  • Information about your child’s sensory processing and skills to support effective processing and regulation

  • The impact of trauma on daily life for a child and what you can do to provide a relationally safe and supportive environment for your child

  • Advocacy for a child with a new diagnosis, and the developmental process that children go through as they grow and develop

  • Tools and strategies to find joy and positivity with your child.

Our parent coaching is provided by Jen Bluske, an occupational therapist with over 20 years’ experience working with children and parents in a collaborative manor.  Jen has extensive training working with children with autism, sensory processing disorders, significant behavior challenges, trauma histories and attachment issues.  Being an adoptive parent herself and having experienced a variety of parenting challenges with 2 amazing, exuberant kids, Jen relates to the experience of parenting sometimes “not going as planned”.  As a therapist, she learned early on that the most powerful tool in supporting children to thrive is through the parent.  Using her experience as a parent AND therapist, Jen is passionate about meeting parents where they are. She works to empower parents to be the strongest advocate for their children, all while find joy in their child each and every day. 

*Parent coaching is not intended to replace individual therapy for a child, but rather supplement services children may already be receiving. 

*Parent coaching can be provided in person, or via a virtual platform

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