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Happy Mother with her Child



We understand that parenting can be tough. 

Parenting a child with developmental, behavioral, or other neurodivergent needs can be confusing and isolating.  It's important for you, the parent, to get directed support in order to thrive in your role as a parent.

Our parent coaching programs provide guidance to empower you as a parent as well as to help you be a confident advocate for your children. We will help you make sense of the dynamic of the parent-child relationship as well as your role as a parent. Through this, you will have a strong foundation to implement strategies not only for your child but for your family as a whole.

Whether you are looking to bolster your skills as a parent through reflection and learning, or have specific challenges with your child for which you seek support, parent coaching can be the parenting ‘life line’ you are looking for. ​

What you can expect to learn from parent coaching at CTN?


  • Learning based on the empowered parenting model from the Jai Institute of Parenting. 

  • Understanding of how we come to our parenting through our early life experiences

  • Leading science in brain development as a guide to your parenting

  • Specific tools to regulate not only your child, but also yourself through moments of stress

  • Communication strategies in order to stop the loop of “they only listen when I yell”

  • A deeper understanding of children’s behavior and targeted strategies

  • Exploration of emotional intelligence in ourselves and in our children

  • Opportunities to create joy with your child!

  • We support you to understand and respond differently to your child, creating lasting change!

Choose a way to access parent coaching that works best for you:

Individual Parent Coaching Sessions


Individual parent coaching creates space for the parents/caregivers to take a deep dive into the family’s dynamics, allowing for personalized strategies from the parent coach.  Content is delivered specific to your family’s needs, with some weeks more content delivery, and some weeks more of a problem-solving focus.

12 virtual sessions offered individually with your personal parent coach

Parent Coaching Online Learning Course


Our sister company, Thriving Parents Collective,  dedicated exclusively to supporting YOU as the parent, offers a self-guided learning series.  Learn at your own pace and on your own time, with opportunities for connection with parent coaches and other parents through a private Facebook group.

Head over to our website at Thriving Parents Collective to check out our parenting community!

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