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While you wait

When you are struggling with challenging behaviors with your child, you need help now!  We realize that waitlists are long and many families and caregivers are struggling with getting the help that they need.

We are offering a 'while you wait' service in order to get you connected with information and support when you need it- Now!

Begin the process of understanding your child better, try new strategies specific to children with challenging behavior, and drop in on our therapist consultation hours to work through specific issues and concerns.  

These services are FREE and OPEN TO ANYONE!  

Please stop back often as we expand our trainings (delivered through you tube and audio recording) and to sign up for future drop in sessions.  

Questions?  Contact us here!

Psychology Patient

 Virtual Drop in Sessions

We are here for you!  Attend one of our virtual drop-in sessions for strategies that are specific to you YOU and YOUR CHILD!  This is FREE and OPEN anyone who is supporting a challenging child.  

Sign up by clicking on the date you would like to attend!

Upside Down

Podcast Episode 1

Basics of Sensory Processing

Every wonder why your child reacts to things that seem like no big deal?  Or why they just can't stop moving? Learn about how our bodies process information coming from both our environment and from ourselves. (Handout here)

00:00 / 27:00

Podcast Episode 2

Basics of Regulation- Why just  "calming down" doesn't work!

In this episode we begin to describe how our brains learn to attend to what's important in our environment, manage emotions, engage and learn! And we answer the question of why telling someone to "just calm down" is NOT the most effective strategy. (Handout Here)

Girl by the Tree
00:00 / 33:40
Homework Help

Podcast Episode 3

Co-Regulation: The dance of regulation in the relationship

Now that you have learned about the basics of regulation we will explore how each person's regulation can affect the other.  And how this can be used as one of the most effective skills to help children get regulated! (Handout Here)

00:00 / 34:04

Podcast Episode 4

What Parents Bring to the Relationship with their child

We come to relationships from our own life experience as well as our own neurological set points.  Let's break down some of the things we bring to our relationship with our child.  Awareness is the first step!  (Handout Here)

00:00 / 31:04
Happy Girl

Podcast Episode 5

Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are filled with wonder and excitement- but can also lead to stress and disregulation.  Listen in as we talk strategies and managing expectations to create joy and memories this holiday season! (Handout Here)

00:00 / 23:50

Podcast Episode 6

Attachment in the Parent Child Relationship

In this episode we discuss the different "attachment styles" that inform how we engage with others in any relationship.  We explore how our early attachment style with our primary caregiver affects how we view- and ultimately engage with the world around us.

00:00 / 28:05
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