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While you wait

When you are struggling with challenging behaviors with your child, you need help now!  We realize that waitlists are long and many families and caregivers are struggling with getting the help that they need.

We are offering a 'while you wait' service in order to get you connected with information and support when you need it- Now!

Begin the process of understanding your child better, try new strategies specific to children with challenging behavior, and drop in on our therapist consultation hours to work through specific issues and concerns.  

These services are FREE and OPEN TO ANYONE!  

Questions?  Contact us here!

 Virtual Drop in Sessions

We are here for you!  Attend one of our virtual drop-in sessions for strategies that are specific to you YOU and YOUR CHILD!  This is FREE and OPEN anyone who is supporting a challenging child.  ​Sign up by clicking on the date you would like to attend!

Thriving Parents Collective

Our sister company dedicated solely to supporting parents in the work of parenting unique children.  We offer online courses, group opportunities and other supportive resources

Where They're Planted

Where They’re Planted is a podcast for parents and care providers of unique children with the goal of not only striving to understand your child, but also to gain the skills you need in order to create a fertile environment around your child in order to nurture their growth.


The Where They’re Planted Podcast is a Lit Path Studios Production

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