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For Daycares and Preschools

We are passionate about helping daycare providers and preschool teachers support the children in their care.  We first work to build a relationship with the teacher in order to more fully understand and support both the teacher and children in their care.


Classroom Consultations
We support teachers and providers in homes and centers by providing consultations in their environments.  During a consultation, we may provide environmental and daily routine modifications, implement sensory diets, or, give supportive recommendations specific to a child.


Daycare and Preschool Trainings
Our daycare and preschool trainings are designed to provide daycare and preschool providers the background to understand children’s behavior through a sensory lens. You will gain the education and tools to effectively support the children's sensory or adaptive communication skills including strategies to strengthen parent/teacher communication.  We are also able to customize trainings specific to your childcare center or preschool’s needs. 


Preschool Contracting and Consultations
We are available for as little as a single staff training to a comprehensive menu of support over the year for your teachers, children and parents.

Our services are flexible, and can range from 1-2 specific touchpoints to more fully supporting the whole program!

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