Insurance & Documentation

CTN is a contracted provider for the following insurance companies:

Aetna, The Alliance, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Auxiant, ChampVA, Cigna, Dean (autism diagnosis only), Health EOS, Humana, Quartz, Tricare, United Health Care (non-network provider), UMR, WEA and WPS Health Insurance.


We ask that you contact your insurance to verify that we are contracted with your plan and to confirm coverage and benefits as your plan may have exclusions and/or prior authorization may be required. If CTN is not in your health plan’s provider network, you may have an out-of-network benefit that would apply. You can also request to have CTN added as a provider or ask for single case agreement, please contact your insurance company for details.  

We are providers for a number of county funded programs including CCS, CLTS and CCF.


Due to a high level of need, CTN continues to pursue contracts with the area HMO networks: Dean (clients without a diagnosis of autism) and GHC. As part of this continued request, we encourage families to contact their primary care provider and seek an out of network authorization if they are interested in our services.  In addition, we welcome your support by calling your insurance provider and requesting that Children’s Therapy Network be added as a provider to these insurance panels.


If you have a change in medical insurance, please notify us with the effective date of coverage and the new billing information as soon as possible.  Confirm your eligibility and benefits with your new plan.


If services are not covered by insurance, CTN offers a discount for payment received at the time of service or if there is a current credit card on file that is used to pay the monthly balance in full. CTN is not legally able to provide a discount for balances after insurance (co-payments, co-insurance or deductible amounts).


A note on physician’s prescriptions:

These are required by state law for therapists to see your child.  It is important that you work with your physician to describe the FUNCTIONAL, MEDICALLY NECESSARY deficits and associated treatment diagnosis/medical diagnosis that we will be treating if we will be billing insurance the service.  We will need either a treatment diagnosis (A description for the deficit we are addressing with the client’s treatment plan) or a medical diagnosis given by an MD. As therapists, we do not provide a medical diagnosis. If a medical diagnosis is of concern or needed for reimbursement or insurance coverage, please contact your child’s physician. Our therapists will support and provide guidance regarding their observations, concerns, and make recommendations for further services or diagnostic assessments.