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schedule a free intake!

Our first step to learning about our services or accessing our services is to schedule a FREE intake.  


Important Details:

* Our initial intakes are 30-minute virtual appointment where we will learn about you and your child and provide you with an overview of therapy at Children's Therapy Network. 

* Children are NOT required to be at the intake.  If you have an older teen we will leave it to your discretion if they should attend the intake. 

* Once you have attended the initial intake, we will then place you on the appropriate scheduling lists for therapy services.  Please note, parent coaching is self referral, with no intake required to access services.

*If you are a case manager or service facilitator for a family, we ask that you share this link with the family or alternatively, work with the family to set up an intake for services.  You are more than welcome to join the family for the intake! 


Please note:  

* At this time we are not adding any new clients to the mental health wait list due to hiring difficulties.  You are welcome to still access an intake to determine if one of our other services might meet your child's needs!

* We are not a Medicaid Provider (i.e. Katie Beckett, MA, Badgercare).  We are happy to do an intake with you, however, we will not be able to use this form of funding for services.  We do accept CLTS and CCS funding.

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