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Our Process

We will complete a short phone intake and schedule a free 30 minute intake with one of your clinical staff to provide the opportunity to answer your questions, learn a little more about your child and help you make the best therapeutic plan for your child moving forward. We are here to help!


2. Registration & Paperwork

Prior to scheduling an evaluation, we require our intake paperwork be completed  and returned to our office. This ensures that we can provide an effective evaluation experience for your family.


What we need from you:

General Intake Packet found here or request it from our office manager.
This should be completed to your best ability in full. 


Insurance/funding information we will need a copy of the front AND back of your insurance card. We will contact your insurance on your behalf to help determine your benefit coverage. 


Prescription for therapy services State law requires a prescription for therapy services from the patient's physician. If your child does not already have a medical diagnosis for services, please speak with us prior to seeking this prescription so we can help ensure the prescription is competed appropriately. It is usually easiest to have the physician fax the script to us.

Any relevant evaluations / IEP / past therapy reports

Further billing and medical documentation can be found here

3. Scheduling

Once we have received the required registration materials we are ready to schedule!


We will contact you to schedule your initial evaluation with your treating therapist. IF we have a wait list, we will keep you updated with the anticipated wait for services.

Wait times are affected by:

Time of year - April/May and September/October have longer associated wait times.


Scheduling availability - it is difficult to initially be placed into a time slot between the hours of 3-6pm. Current clients get priority to move into these time slots when they open up. 


Cancellation list - we have a number of cancellation list spots, in which we complete the evaluation and then offers sessions during cancellations while we are waiting for your child's permanent place on the schedule. This is a good option if you would like to get started NOW and have flexibility.

Initial Evaluative Sessions


Your child's first two or three appointments are evaluative treatment sessions in which we establish goals and treatment plan.


Depending on the type of service you are receiving, you are your therapist will develop a treatment plan focused on your areas of concern.


During all evaluative sessions the parents are present.


Evaluative sessions will be a combination of standardized testing, parent/child interview, structured observation and observation of parent/child interactions.


We strive to videotape all evaluation sessions and will give a copy to families upon request.

We offer a free 30 minute parent meeting following these sessions in order to review the evaluation and treatment plan. 

Following this, you are now part of the CTN family! Welcome!