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Community Partners

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Kids’ Yoga classes are a fun, playful way for kids of all ages to learn the many asanas (poses) of yoga and principles of mindfulness.


Yoga practice for kids increases awareness and focus, improves physical fitness and posture, aids in developing proper breathing, reduces stress and increases confidence.


Kids love yoga because learning new ways to use and strengthen our bodies is exciting and rewarding!

Marcy Waelti is a horse lover and gestalt therapist. Marcy provides training to children and adolescents of all abilities and has a special gift in meeting children where they are at and guiding their experience in a way that is safe for them both emotionally and relationally.   Learn about this modality as an adjunct to traditional therapy, or as a “key” to helping a child connect and learn.

WI FACETS provides several types of special education support services to help Wisconsin parents and educators support and enrich the lives of children with disabilities.

DAIS provides education, support and resources to those affected by domestic violence.  Services are free and confidential.

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