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parent Nervous system support

Regulated, connected parents are the KEY to creating regulation and connection in our children.  Through our parent and caregiver nervous system support, our services to parents is a link to creating change for children.  These offerings help parents ground into their own nervous systems to create a safe, stable relational base for their children.

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Yoga - Rest and Renew for Parents


As parents, we rarely get a moment for ourselves to connect into our own sensations, bodies, and nervous systems.  We may long for a moment to say to the world “do not disturb” and commit just to ourselves.  Using gentle stretches and supported yoga poses, learn to rest and reset your nervous system. 

  • Appropriate for all bodies and no yoga experience necessary

  • Join us from the comfort of your own home. We will meet via zoom                  

  • $100 for 6-week series.  May be funded through CLTS


Next session starts Monday September 18th from 7pm-8pm

Individual Parent Nervous System Reset


Stress and trauma are often held in the body, making it a challenge to regulate our nervous systems.  This can complicate a parent’s/caregiver’s ability to co-regulate with their child, especially in those challenging moments.  Gentle bodywork and instruction in self-administered strategies to release stress and regulate the nervous system can help parents and caregivers be more grounded and available for their kids.   Bodywork provided by an occupational therapist with training in Neurovascular Integration (variant of craniosacral therapy), Myofascial Release, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping, and various reflex integration techniques and expertise in sensory based regulation strategies.

-      Sessions tailored to parents and caregivers needs and preferences.  

-      $135/ session private pay rate.

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Looking for more support as a parent, outside of traditional therapy?

Head on over to Thriving Parents Collective, our parenting community!

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