Brittany Headshot.jpeg

Brittany St. John


Brittany completed her MSOT degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016. She has continued her education at UW-Madison and is currently wrapping up a master’s in public health and is a fourth year PhD student in Occupational Science. Her goal is to be an OT researcher who continues to work with families in a clinic or home setting in order to ensure her research is meaningful to families of children with special needs and applies directly to OT pediatric practice. Brittany’s research and clinical work focuses on promoting the health and well-being of families with children with special needs, addressing complex feeding challenges for families with children with autism, and identifying how OT can be applied to improve the health of communities.

Brittany completed her OT clinical training at the Waisman Center in the cerebral palsy, feeding, neuromotor, and down syndrome clinics and at the VA mental health unit. In addition, she has experience working with a wide variety of children in a pediatric clinic and providing in-home therapy with a focus on feeding challenges. Brittany’s goal as an OT and researcher is to support children and families in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges. She believes that families and caregivers are essential to successful therapy and loves to work collaboratively with them. Brittany works to build a strong rapport with the children and families she serves to identify the best therapeutic approaches for the individual needs of the child. Her favorite part of being an OT is how playful and creative she gets to be in each session and paying special attention to the small victories a child experiences on their way to meeting their goals!

Outside of the clinic Brittany’s favorite occupations are being a mom, gardening, trapeze, painting, biking, knitting, and DIY projects.