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Diagnostic and Psychological Testing

How do I know if my child needs an evaluation?

You might consider an evaluation if you are concerned your child has attention, social-emotional, mood, or behavioral difficulties. An evaluation can also be helpful if you have concerns about your child’s development.  We are able to assess for specific diagnosis including:

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Intellectual Function (included gifted and twice exceptional learners)


You may also consider an evaluation if you do not know what is wrong or you are not sure how to help.

Why seek an assessment at Children's Therapy Network?

We understand unique interplay between trauma and development for a child.  We use this lens to inform our assessment in order to gather a complete picture of your child’s unique diagnostic profile.  Because we are an interdisciplinary clinic, at your request, we are able to combine psychological testing with occupational, physical and speech therapy assessments to complete the picture of your child’s development. 

How is this different from an OT or speech evaluation?

A diagnostic evaluation is completed to look at the bigger picture and provide a diagnosis, if appropriate. This can be helpful to guide treatment. An occupational/speech therapy evaluation is completed to look at current functioning in specific areas in order to provide treatment. A diagnostic evaluation may include a referral for an occupational/speech therapy evaluation for more information, or may be completed at the same time as an occupational/speech therapy evaluation.


What does a typical assessment look like?


We start with a phone screening to determine whether a full diagnostic assessment is right for you.  Then you can expect 3-4 more appointments at Children’s Therapy Network to include:

  • An initial parent meeting to collect pertinent information and plan for the in-person assessment of the child

  • Assessment of the child- depending on the age and areas assessed this could take between 2-8 hours.  It may be broken up into 2 days.

  • A follow up meeting with the parents to review the assessment and make recommendations

Learn more about how assessments are funded, or call to find out more. 

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