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County Funded Resources

Children Come First (CCF)


To apply:

(608) 250-6634 ext. 135

To qualify for CCF services, a child must: 

  • Have Badger Care Medicaid or Medical Assistance

  • Be a Dane County resident aged 4-18

  • Have a DSM mental health diagnosis given by a psychologist or psychiatrist, with symptoms being evident for at least 6 months and expected to persist for a year or longer

  • Have current emotional/behavioral challenges that are putting him/her at imminent risk of an out of home placement 

  • Be involved with at least 2 of the following systems: mental health services, social services, special education, child protective services, and/or the juvenile justice system

  • Be in need of additional support in at least 2 of the following areas: self-care, community safety, social relationships, family relationships, and/or school.


This is intended to be a short-term program to decrease imminent risk of out of home placement.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)


To apply:

608-283-1800 (under 17); 608-242-6415 (over 18)

To qualify for CCS services:

  • Has need for ongoing services resulting from mental health and/or substance use disorders, but is not in need of Community Support Program (CSP) services.

  • Recent DSM V mental health or substance abuse diagnosis

  • This is a voluntary service - client must have one psycho-social area they would like to address

  • Resident of a county or tribe that provides CCS programming

  • Eligibility is based off of county-based or tribal-based screening tool



Children’s Long-Term Support Waiver (CLTS)

To apply for the CLTS Waiver:


To qualify for CLTS services:

Children and youth under the age of 22 who have a developmental disability, physical disability or severe emotional disturbance. The waitlist for this program is approximately 4 years.

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