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Abby Srikanthan


With a background in Anthropology and a lifelong fascination with embodied practices, Abby brings a unique perspective to her practice. Abby was inspired to pursue occupational therapy because of her grandmother, who went back to graduate school later in life and developed a novel movement-based program for treating Parkinson’s patients.

During graduate school, Abby received a research grant to explore the future of work for individuals with disabilities, and presented her findings at the World Federation of OT conference. Abby also worked as a research assistant, contributing to projects focusing on workplace well-being and agency for people with disabilities.

Abby is drawn to working with children and families because of the creativity and complexity that the work involves. Abby especially loves to treat children who struggle with sensory processing, and those who are twice exceptional. In addition to experience in outpatient pediatrics, Abby has worked in a special education school and at a community center for survivors of traumatic brain injuries. 

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