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Fall Parent and Community Trainings are HERE!

We are excited to offer 3 topics that have had a lot of interest in the past. These are FREE, we just ask that you give us a call or e-mail us if you would like us to hold a spot for you!

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Helping kids succeed!

Understand how sensory processing affects development

- Do you struggle understanding why your child is having more meltdowns than their peers?

- Do you have a child who is sensitive to noise, touch or is always on the go?

- Are you looking for effective strategies to help your child manage their day?

Come learn about sensory processing and how you can implement simple activities TODAY to help your child learn and grow! We will guide participants toward an understanding of sensory processing skills and how these skills support all areas of development. Participates will leave with a greater understanding of their child and a pocket full of strategies that they can use immediately! October 3rd 6:00-7:30pm

Sensory Sensitive Parenting:

Helping kids regulate by tuning in and turning the regulation dial

Children may struggle with self-regulation for many reasons: sensory overload, frustration from communication difficulties, and simple behavioral attempts to gets one’s way. Research shows that the key to a regulated child is a regulated parent! We will explore how caregiver’s own sensory systems and self-regulation skills can be used as one of the most effective tools to develop a child’s capacity to get calm and stay calm! We’ll discuss concrete strategies to help address the underlying sensory issues, both in the moment and over the long-term. October 17th 6:00-7:30pm

Connected - In-tune – Regulated:

Parent-child regulation strategies for infants and the young child

-Did your child’s birth or early life not happen as you planned?

-Are you struggling to understand the cues your infant and young child is giving you?

-Are you seeking effective strategies to create resiliency in your child through your parenting?

When parenting an infant or a young child, it can mean a whirlwind of worry, confusion and anxiety on many levels. Explore the key sensory, self-regulation and attachment concepts that can have a lasting effect on your parenting and your child’s success! We will break these concepts down and create effective, fun, and easy to use activities to help your child begin life in a regulated way. Parenting is hard work- and something that doesn’t need to be done alone. We are here to help!

November 7th 6:00-7:30pm

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