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Parent and Community Trainings

While you wait!
Flexible training and drop-in support

Sometimes caregivers need strategies and support NOW. Our ongoing training podcasts are free and accessible at any time.  Listen in the car, while walking the dog, or any other free moment you have!  After listening to a few relevant trainings, join one of our caregiver drop-in groups to talk with a therapist.  We will help you begin to integrate the information you learned into your daily life!  While this is not a replacement for therapy, this is a way to educate and empower caregivers to create change for their child NOW!   

Happy Baby

Co-regulation and sensory trainings

Let's explore and play! Using our understanding of sensory processing and co-regulation, we will look more specifically into strategies for yourself as well as to do with your child. If you are new to these, we will catch you up!

Learn how to determine which strategy to use in the moment and what types of things to try for different parts of the day. Time for question and answer will be reserved so you can get some ideas specific to your child!

Check back for our next schedule live training.  We anticipate a training in the spring of 2022!



Audience and Lecturer


At CTN, one of our overriding beliefs is that surrounding children with empowered families and educated professionals supports the greatest developmental success.

We provide training to the community with the following topic areas:

  • Parenting through a sensory and attachment lens

  • Sensory strategies for the adult and child

  • Mealtimes and picky eating

  • Behavior challenges

  • Home or school routines

  • Emotional development through the parent/child relationship

  • The fight/flight/fear cycle following trauma

  • Sensory, emotional and relational support for children with autism


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