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Our COVID-19 Policies

Updated 5/12/2021


Children's Therapy Network continues to follow county, state and local guidelines closely as we navigate through this pandemic.  We are continue to see clients using 3 modes of treatment delivery:

1) In clinic

2) Teletherapy

3) Outdoor sessions

We are able to fluidly move between these modes of treatment based on family comfort level and any COVID restrictions for the therapists or family on any given week.  Consistency is important for our clients and we strive to maintain session routines throughout this time.



Our Updated COVID-19 procedures are as follows:

  • Please arrive right at session time if possible. Wait in your car or the parking lot and call our office to check in. Your therapist will come and get you. This will limit waiting room use.


  • Everyone entering or exiting building will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands.


  • Please continue to wear your mask upon entering the building and during the entire time that you are in the building.  We understand that many of the adults are vaccinated at this time, however, in accordance with the Dane County guidelines, masks are still necessary as children are not yet able to be vaccinated.  We will continue to work with your with special circumstances that make mask-wearing difficult or impossible.


  • If anyone in the family has been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 14 days or has any symptoms of illness please follow the guidelines below.  If you aren’t sure, please call and ask!


-         If you, your child, or anyone coming to sessions has been exposed to COVID-19- Please cancel clinic based sessions until 1) 10 days with no symptoms or 2) receiving a negative COVID test after 5 days of no symptoms.


-         If you, your child, or anyone coming to sessions is having any active symptoms from the COVID-19 symptom list (even if vaccinated) please either 1) cancel your clinic based sessions until the symptoms resolve or 2) Take and receive a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to clinic services.


  • We have adapted our clinic spaces to make cleaning procedures more streamlined while adding back some of our more favorite therapeutic tools, such as lycra and pillows.  We continue cleaning each treatment space between each session, including spraying down cloth products between each sessions.


  • We will be strictly following the 50-min session guideline to allow for necessary cleaning of rooms between sessions. This means, we may begin to transition around 45 minutes if the child typically needs a few extra minutes to be supported through the transition.


  • Upon the end of the session, we will walk clients directly back to the car to minimize the use of the waiting room. 

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