Birth to 5

There is a growing body of research which suggests that early intervention is KEY to supporting a child's developmental process. The adage of "wait and see" is not enough.

At CTN, our services are designed to focus on guiding a child and family toward healthy relationships and function. Parents are the experts on their children and our goal is to support them in their most important job as the prime teacher of their child. We are here to help children and families learn strategies to support the bumps in the road that occur during development- including tantrums, picky eating, communication concerns, fear and motor delays. We find that due to our treatment philosophy we can support families and change the trajectory of a child's development in as little as four sessions!

We provide supports to parents of young children through individual treatment sessions, collaborations with preschool and daycares, local birth to three programs and through free young child play groups.  Our future goals include support to case managers, home visiting programs, doula's and local headstart programs in order to be part of the solution of effective infant and young children's development.


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